Tests completed for Barcelona’s metro platform doors

Masats has successfully completed testing on its PSD platform door system with 100% Catalan technology on Barcelona Metro Line 9.
Under a collaboration with IFERCAT (Infraestructures Ferroviàries de Catalunya) which is responsible for railway infrastructures for the Generalitat de Catalunya, Masats installed three platform door modules at the Riu Vell station on Barcelona Metro Line 9, which is the longest automatic underground line in Europe, in order to validate its product.
With Barcelona’s public transport operator, TMB, the final tests began which consisted of conducting intensive testing with a GoA4 driverless automatic train which is the same model that travels along Barcelona’s automatic lines. The train ran between two stations in order to verify and evaluate the proper functioning of the signage (Siemens) and the PSD system.
Masats manufactured the modules, conducted the factory acceptance tests, transported the pre-assembled modules along the track and installed three PSD modules on the platform where all the civil engineering preparation had been previously done. The company was responsible for the civil engineering work as well as the electrical cable laying, the installation of the control cabinet and the functional tests prior to the start of testing under real usage. In addition, interface testing with the Siemens signage system was also successfully completed.
The platform doors from Masats provide a modular and modern design which can be adapted to each station’s needs. They feature LED signs for better accessibility and auxiliary and passenger information systems such as CCTV, first aid modules, advertising modules, etc. This integration in the PSD system frees up space at stations and makes the PSD facades active and functional elements.
Masats is currently working on a new door concept which can adapt the platform door to the train door position and stopping point for platform interoperability. The new concept will be presented next year.


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