Tender launched to reconstruct Brno-Královo Pole station

Brno-Královo Pole stationThe Czech rail infrastructure manager SŽ has announced the tender for the reconstruction of Brno-Královo Pole station, the second busiest train station in the South Moravian region. The tender also includes the reconstruction of the station’s surrounding area.

CZK 2.6 billion (EUR 110.3 million) is the value of the tender and the total investment for the station has a cost estimated at CZK 2.9 billion (EUR 122 million).

The project covers a fundamental transformation of the passengers’ facilities and the construction of a new station partially two-story building, which will also be part of the adjacent transport terminal. Information desks, business space and social facilities will be built on the ground floor and in the centre of the building escalators will be installed that will lead to an elevated area with passenger benches and other commercial space. During the construction of the new building, facilities for the public will be provided by a temporary waiting room for 250 people. The station will also get new security equipment

The railway tracks at the station will undergo a significant reconstruction, and three tracks will be extended by moving the track branching further towards Kuřim,in Brno-Country District. New platforms and roofs will be built, an underpass that will be widened and extended to connect the front station with Myslínová street will provide extra-level access to passengers.

There will also be reconstruction of the track in the section from Brno-Maloměřice to Kuři. The new information and orientation system will help increase the comfort of passengers not only directly at the Královopolské station, but also at the Brno-Lesná, Brno-Řečkovice and Česká stops.

The reconstruction of the tracks will allow trains to run at 120 km/h.

The project also includes the restoration of 13 bridges, 10 culverts, a road overpass and five retaining walls.

Construction work is expected to start in September and the newly designed station should be completed by the end of 2025.

The Brno-Královo Pole station is one of the most important transport nodes in terms of both railway and urban and suburban transport. In addition to the connection with the Vysočina region, in south-eastern part of the historical region of Bohemia, the trains provide service to the developing municipalities of Tišnovska, and for a large part of commuters, the Královopolské nádraží district, the gateway to the regional capital.



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