TEN-T projects: scenarios and estimates

The long-term revision of the multi-annual programme (MAP) includes several ambitious projects in the European area, such as long term projects with specific problems and difficulties. The main challenges and risks consist in long-term planning and investment. A great number of projects concerning the cross-border railway sections are confronted with additional management coordination and difficulties towards similar national projects.
The 92 projects are worth EUR 5.301 Billion, two thirds of the total TEN-T budget (EUR 8.013 Billion) and 78% of the total MAP for 2007-2013. The total budgeted cost for these projects is EUR 32.647 Billion. Consequently, the TEN-T budget covers almost 16% of the costs of the budget-financed projects.
Considering the complexity of the projects in the portfolio and the many decision makers in cross-border projects, estimates show that by December 2013, there will still be 40 incomplete projects with 30% of the TEN-T budget unspent. However, carrying on supporting projects after 2013 and by the end of 2015 will enable the finalization of 29 additional projects, so that only 11 projects to be finalized after 2015. In conclusion, the most efficient scenarios will be implemented so as to permit projects to be carried out according to schedule, but by December 31, 2011 based on well-defined conditions in regards to financial, political and technical landmarks. Consequently, there have been identified four projects categories. The following charter describes the project categories:

[ by Pamela Luică ]
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