Teleste to provide on-board systems for Norway’s Flirt trains

Teleste Stadler selected Teleste to deliver passenger information and CCTV systems for the Flirt trains which will be delivered to Norwegian State Railways. The deliveries will take place in 2019–2021.

Under the contract, Teleste will deliver on-board passenger information (PIS) and CCTV systems for more than 20 trains complemented with video security cameras and video recorders, intercommunication and public address systems as well as TFT and LED information displays.
“Today, transport operators and rolling stock manufacturers need to stay at the cutting edge of on-board technologies to deliver an excellent travel experience for the growing number of public transport users who wish to be informed about their travel at every step of the journey,” said Jörn Grasse, Vice President of Rail Information Solutions at Teleste.
The flexible system works seamlessly together with the existing PIS systems and includes upgrades such as enhanced cyber security.

Teleste’s on-board passenger information system is based on modular software architecture, which makes it possible to use the system technology for different kinds of applications. The system provides a flexible option for the delivery of passenger information for rolling stock manufacturers and operators for effective and safe transport services allowing large volumes of passengers.

Through this contract, Stadler and Teleste are continuing their cooperation for Norway trains. In 2016, Teleste won a contract to deliver passenger information, display, intercommunication, CCTV and advertisement system for 26 Flirt trains delivered by Stadler to Norway. Teleste completed the contract in 2018.

In Norway, Stadler has won in 2019 a EUR 93.4 million maintenance contract for more than 100 five-car Flirt trains ordered in 2008. The contract will run until 2024 and includes additional options.

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