Teleste to deliver on-board solution for Avelia Horizon trains

Teleste was selected to provide on-board solution for Alstom’s Avelia Horizon very high speed trains designed for SNCF Mobilités.

Under the project, Teleste will supply equipment of 50 double-deck very high-speed trains, with an option for 50 additional trainsets.

The company will deliver passenger information management functions and a new interface for passenger information control. In addition, on-board video surveillance, audio and video recording, public address, on-board TFT displays and LED displays on train doors will be installed.

The on-board system ensures the smooth flow of passenger information in trains travelling at speeds of over 300 km/h and delivers the information to up to 740 passengers in each rail car reliably and accurately even on the move.

In 2018, SNCF Mobilités approved a firm order for 100 next-generation Avelia Horizon very high speed trains under a EUR 2.7 billion contract.

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