SŽDC signed Přerov Junction reconstruction contract

SŽDC signed a contract with Eurovia, Subterra, Strabag Rail and GJW Praha for the second stage of the Přerov railway junction reconstruction which includes a rebuilding of the Dluhonice passing point and the adjacent inter-station sections. EUR 125.75 million (CZK 3.22 billion) is the value of the contract, which received EUR 33.13 million under CEF 2016 calls.
The second construction in the Přerov junction follows a preceding reconstruction of the entire local railway station. The current stage includes a reconstruction of the Dluhonice passing point and the reversing triangle of the lines Přerov – Prosenice, Dluhonice – Prosenice and Přerov – Dluhonice. The new Dluhonice trackage concept is based on the joint section of two double-track lines to Přerov and Prosenice and it is designed to maintain their direct continuation with four main tracks. The project also envisages the installation of new communication and signalling equipment and the electrical equipment, railway bridges and culverts will also undergo a reconstruction.
The current passenger building in Dluhonice will be demolished and replaced by new technological premises for safety and signalling equipment. The speed limit for trains passing through the station will increase to 130 km/h and the trains will be able to continue at the same speed in the following inter-station section to Přerov. Both lines from Prosenice to the South will allow speeds of up to 160 km/h.
The importance of the Dluhonice passing point exceeds any other passing points or intermediate stations as its railway infrastructure allows for trains from Prague and Olomouc to turn on the corridor line towards Ostrava or Vsetín, or to continue running in the direction of Přerov and Břeclav.
The project will be completed by the end of 2021.

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