Stadler wins the second maintenance contract in the US

service and maintenanceStadler became the employer of twelve maintenance employees and is now responsible for service and maintenance of the Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) fleet in Northern Texas. Rio Grande Pacific Corporation (RGPC) is the prime contractor in this agreement with Stadler providing the vehicle maintenance portion.

This is the result of DCTA Board approval to hand-over the maintenance of the existing GTW fleet to Stadler and Rio Grande Pacific Corporation (RGPC).

Up until now, the previous contractor had been handling operations and maintenance of the eleven Stadler GTW DMU trains.

For Stadler this is now the second service contract in the US, as the company builds up the service efforts outside of Europe. In January, DART awarded Stadler a contract for the maintenance of Flirt fleet and the equipment maintenance facility for a 15-year period

“For Stadler this is now the second service contract in the US, following our maintenance contract with DART in the Dallas area. It shows that we are growing stronger in this sector and that our customers not only value our partnership when it comes to supplying rolling stock, but also rely on our excellent service options,” Martin Ritter, CEO of Stadler US Inc said.

Together, RGPC and Stadler are now contracted to provide all the needed service and maintenance to DCTA, including train operations and dispatch, maintenance or equipment and facilities, maintenance of way, signals and communication.

According to the contract, RGPC is the prime contractor and provides signalling, dispatching, maintenance of tracks and operations. Stadler is covering the maintenance of the rolling stock fleet and act as sub-contractor to RGPC.

The aggrement is a nine-year-fixed-price contract with five years left and a five – year extension option for DCTA. Also included in the take-over are six management-level employees, 14 engineers and conductors, who are now all part of RGPC and 12 mechanical and support employees who are joining the Stadler team.

“Rio Grande Pacific is enthusiastic about entering into this contract with Stadler. This relationship will assist us in providing a premium level of service to DCTA which will be a model for both companies as we look to the future in the commuter rail industry,” Robert Bach, President of Rio Grande Pacific, said.

“We really look forward to continuing our relationship with DCTA. Stadler offers some of the best service options and we are happy that our US customers are now able to take advantage of these maintenance services,” said Jürg Gygax, Executive Vice President Division Service.

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