Stadler wins first contract in France for its innovative locomotive

Stadler, the French rail freight operator VFLI and Alpha Trains signed a contract for the acquisition of 13 locomotives, of two types both being part of the new generation of six-axle locomotives developed by Stadler in Valencia. Under the contract, Stadler will deliver 12 EURO4001 diesel-electric model and one Eurodual bi-mode locomotive. Under the contract signed with Stadler, 3 EURO4001 locomotives are acquired directly by VFLI and 9 are acquired by Alpha Trains to be used by VFLI. All the new vehicles will be used by VFLI, a subsidiary of SNCF, in rail freight transport services in France and Belgium.
With these new contracts, VFLI becomes the first French customer of the new generation of Co’Co’ locomotives designed and manufactured by Stadler in its Albuixech plant with the aim of optimizing rail freight transport in Europe. Currently, VFLI has a fleet of 19 EURO4000 locomotives, using Stadler vehicles since 2013.
The leasing company Alpha Trains has an existing fleet of 30 EURO4000 locomotives operated by different rail freight operators in Spain and Portugal and now is expanding its business in France with the leasing of further locomotives from Stadler.
The prototype of the Eurodual locomotive for VFLI offers two solutions in one combining to operations modes-electric and diesel, being able to run on electrified and non-electrified lines. Due to its high power and tractive effort and its state-of-the-art adhesion control system, it can transport longer and heavier trains with a single locomotive, with the operative flexibility offered by high-power diesel traction and the environmental benefits of the electric traction. This locomotive is used by Stadler for the homologation of this new platform in France and Belgium.

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