Stadler to maintain Norway’s Flirt EMU fleet

The Norway railway company, Vy, formerly NSB, and Stadler signed a CHF 100 million (EUR 89.15 million) contract for the maintenance of more than 100 five-car Flirt EMUs, ordered in 2008 and delivered continuously in subsequent years. The contract will run until the end of 2024, including options.
The scope of work includes full service, preventive and corrective maintenance, excluding bogie overhauls. Stadler will carry out the maintenance work in rented depots.
In terms of fleet size, the order from the Norwegian train operator Vy is the largest service order ever received in the growing service and components reporting segment. This success in Norway increases the number of Flirt trains under maintenance to 620 units, representing 40 percent of all the Flirt units sold. With Stadler’s full service, not only do availability, reliability and fail-safe operation increase, but fewer reserve units are required by fleet operators.
“Our experiences and cooperation with Stadler as a manufacturer of trains is very good. All trains have been delivered on time, with a high quality and with Stadler being responsive to our needs. Our expectations are therefore high and we are looking forward to continuing this good cooperation also when it comes to train maintenance,” said Tormod Gjermundsen, the Vice president of Vy.

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