Stadler to deliver 6 additional LRVs to Bochum

BOGESTRA, the public transport operator in Bochum, ordered from Stadler 6 additional LRVs and signed a contract for the modernisation of the 25 B80D vehicles already in use. The new high-floor three-part bidirectional Tango vehicles will be operating on the U35 route from spring 2021.
The capacity of the new vehicles is 172 passengers, with 66 seats. Specially marked multifunctional areas facilitate the transport of pushchairs and bicycles, and two areas are reserved for wheelchair users.
The passenger information system and the vehicle’s WLAN technology allow precise minute-by-minute updating of individual travel schedules. The modern wide-screen TFT displays provide information about the terminal stop, line number and route.
After the LRVs will be delivered, Stadler will start the modernisation of the 25 LRVs of the type B80D, from spring 2021 onwards. These vehicles, some of which are 30 years old, will be given an extensive facelift and technical overhaul.
The order for the additional LRVs increases the number of BOGESTRA’s city rail and tram vehicles made by Stadler to 99. Operator’s trams have been used for more than 10 years in Herne, Bochum and Gelsenkirchen.

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