Stadler rolls-out its first bimodal Flirt

Stadler has presented its first bimodal Flirt in Bussnang, destined for the Valle d’Aosta region (northwest Italy), which ordered five of these bimodal FLIRT vehicles (BMU) in May 2015. The Flirt for the Valle d’Aosta region is now undergoing the required approval tests. The first vehicle will be put into commercial operation on the Aosta–Turin line in May 2018.
Like all Flirt vehicles, the first bimodal Flirt is constructed using an extruded  aluminium profile, making it light and energy-efficient. The three-part vehicle features an accessible power module, which houses the two Deutz V8 diesel engines (Euro IIIB), the tank, and additional drive equipment. The vehicle is 66.8 metres long, 2.82 metres wide and 4.12 metres tall. Its maximum speed is 160 km/h when using the electrical drive, and 140 km/h when using the diesel-electric drive.
This Flirt vehicle for the Valle d’Aosta region is a milestone for Stadler as it is the first Flirt to feature a bimodal drive system. Its low axle load of a maximum of 18 tonnes is unique among bimodal regional trains. This means that the vehicle is also suitable for secondary lines.
The new bimodal Flirt is a vehicle that offers excellent performance whether using the electrical or the diesel-electric drive. Thanks to its versatility, the fact that it is particularly environmentally friendly, and its low axle load, the vehicle meets requirements set by railway operators servicing both main and secondary lines
in an efficient, sustainable and reliable manner.

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