Stadler Rail and ABB to modernise X2000 fleet for Sweden’s SJ

SwedenStadler Rail signed a cooperation agreement with ABB to upgrade the X2000 high-speed train fleet for SJ, Sweden’s state-owned passenger train company. A total of 36 trains in the X2000 fleet will be outfitted with new electrical equipment from ABB. Stadler Rail will be in charge of installing this equipment. Stadler’s share of the cooperation totals around CHF 24 million (EUR 22.6 million), will be performed at a new location in Sweden and will create a host of new jobs.
The trains offer passengers a great deal of comfort, personal space and service, in part thanks to the vehicle bodies, which are much wider than the bodies of trains used in continental Europe. The vehicles were first used for the Stockholm–Gothenburg route, but were later used on a number of other routes.

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