Stadler new generation of six-axle locomotives presented at Transport Logistic

The Euro 4001 locomotive for VFLI

Stadler presented its new generation of six-axle locomotives which will be delivered to the French rail freight provider VFLI and the German rail freight company ITL Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH (ITL), both subsidiaries of the SNCF Group.
For VFLIm Stadler will deliver twelve Euro 4001 locomotives and in addition, the operator is taking over the prototype of the Eurodual locomotive. ITL will receive four six-axle Eurodual locomotives.
In 2018, Stadler and VFLI signed contracts for the supply of 13 six-axle locomotives. The contracts include the supply of 12 diesel-electric locomotives type Euro4001, thereof three were acquired directly by VFLI and 9 were acquired by Alpha Trains to be operated by VFLI.
Succeeding the acclaimed EURO4000 locomotive, the Euro4001 locomotive boasts equally high levels of performance and reliability.
These powerful interoperable and cross-border locomotives offer flexibility, high hauling capability, low energy consumption and reduced operational costs.
The EURO4001 is fitted with ETCS on-board equipment and an engine rated at 2800kW that meets the EC 26/2004 Stage IIIB emission levels as prime mover.

Eurodual locomotive for ITL/Captrain

The contracts also included the acquisition by VFLI of the prototype of the Eurodual locomotive that Stadler has used for the homologation of this new platform in France and Belgium which is expected in the next weeks. It can run on electrified lines at 25kV AC and at 1.5kV DC but it is also powered by an IIIB engine rated at 2.8 MW to run on non-electrified lines.
ITL, a subsidiary of Captrain Deutschland, ordered also 4 six-axle hybrid locomotives of the Eurodual family at the end of 2018. The locomotives will be operated in freight transport services in Germany with a speed up to 120 km/h combining electric and diesel operating modes.
Regarding traction, the locomotive family includes diesel, electric multi-system and hybrid versions. The hybrid locomotive is more than just a last mile locomotive, offering two solutions in one. They can be used on both electrified and non-electrified lines, being possible to switch from the electrical overhead line to diesel while driving.

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