South-East Europe Region needs to improve intermodal transport

static.doIncreasing accessibility in the South-East Europe region includes improved freight mobility, updating standards in the transport sector, developing sustainable mobility management models, integrating logistics chains and attracting innovative investments. In this context, the ADB Multiplatform project (Adriatic-Danube-Black Sea) combines these factors in territorial development for regional integration within the EU market, since intermodal transport in this area is still limited.

The objectives of the project is developing and promoting eco-friendly multimodal transport solutions in the ports included in the SEE Region Programme (the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Adriatic Sea) to the countries and the regions stretching along the transnational networks.
These objectives will be reached by developing and setting a multimodal transport platform that integrates different regions and decision factors of the specific business sector. The project is being implemented since 2012 and it will be completed this year with necessary funds amounting to EUR 5.64 Million, of which the EU co-financing is EUR 4.8 Million (85%), amount granted within the South-East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme.
ADB Multiplatform seeks to develop the network of multimodal hubs, connected through transport services and innovative IT solutions, to develop accessibility and trade in SEE, to deliver a multimodal transport as real alternative to road transport, which could be re-directed to the ports of the Black Sea, the Adriatic Sea and the Aegean Sea, by jointly applying multimodal transport actions. Within these objectives, the railway network becomes the backbone of the transport system, being considered the right solution for the economic agents in the SEE region by developing a main integrated railway corridor connecting the Black Sea to the landlocked countries, with sections to Adriatic ports; the integration of railway and naval transport by enhancing the activity of the main railway-naval hubs and the promotion of this intermodality, as well as shifting traffic to railways and navigable routes are part of the objectives of railway transport and its consolidation in the freight transport system.
Regarding innovative logistics routes, the greatest challenge for ADB Multiplatform consists in the method of optimising the connection of port with landlocked countries in the SEE Region and, therefore, four pilot situations have been implemented: Black Sea to landlocked countries (Greece to Bulgaria/Romania and Corridor X); Northern Adriatic to landlocked countries (Austria/Slovakia/Hungary/Serbia), including the complementary links to E and W markets; Inter Adriatic (Corridor VIII) and connection of regional and local ICT systems; Danube River from Slovakia to the Black Sea.

[ by Pamela Luică ]
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