Sofia Metro benefits from automatic platform screen doors

automatic platform screen doors Atco Trade, as a leader of the RSD Metro Sofia consortium, won a contract to install automatic platform screen doors with vertical large scale opening along first and second metrodiameter for 12 busiest metro stations on Sofia’s underground. The contract was awarded following a tender procedure organised by Metropolitan Sofia EAD, the Sofia metro operator. The proposed solution solved an important problem related to the three different types of trains stopping at the platforms.

In September 2020 Atco Trade commissioned the new platform screen doors in the two pilot stations. Opalchenska and Vasil Levski Stadium stations are the first ones which benefit automatic platform screen doors. By October 2021, the consortium shall complete the installation at five more metro stations and by 2022, all the 12 stations on Line 1 and Line 2 will have rope-type screen door system.

The installation targeted both curved and straight track platforms with successful structure security tests.

The provided solution is intended for greater safety of passengers ensuring public health and safety protection with easy operation in an emergency situation.

The project has an overall reliability of 99.99 per cent, as well as in average 38 per cent improved cost efficiency.

The consortium installed the new safety door system working at night shifts without the interruption of regular train operations, the activities being accommodated to passengers’ comfort and to do not disturb Sofia’s public transport system.

The new system is using precise measurement tools, remote control, and video monitoring systems to provide an accurate adjustment of the new rope-type screen door system. At the same time, the consortium made sure that the installation is environmentally friendly, without emitting gas emissions and pollution.

The consortium comprises Atco Trade (leader, from Bulgaria), Hanatech System Co. (Republic of Korea) and SKD Hi Tec Co. (Republic of Korea).


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