Slovenia to receive all new DMUs and EMUs by 2022

Flirt and Kiss trains Slovenian Railways, SŽ, will put into operation 52 new Flirt and Kiss trains by the end of 2022 of which 21 will be single-decker and 10 double-decker electric trains and 21 single-decker diesel trains.

Starting July, the rail operator has deployed the first five DMUs and the next eleven single-deck EMUs manufactured by Stadler are expected to be delivered.

In May 2019, the two companies signed a contract for the delivery of 26 further Flirt multiple units of which 16 three-car diesel-electric trains and 10 four-car electric trains. EUR 150 million is the value of these trains and the order is an exercised option under a contract signed in 2018 for the supply of a mixed fleet of Flirt and Kiss trains.

Both configurations are to be approved in Slovenia, Croatia and Austria.

The new electric and diesel regional trains are part of Slovenian Railways’ rolling stock renewal programme to provide passengers high quality and reliable services.

The trains are comfortable, have faster acceleration and their travel speeds reach of up to 160 km per hour, while the diesel trains can run at up to 140 km per hour. “In this way, we will be able to increase the frequency of regional connections with fewer stops and local trains with higher capacity in the coming years,” the company says.

The new trains are designed with spacious passenger compartments with large windows and a low-floor design with retractable steps, which facilitates barrier-free boarding for persons with reduced mobility and bicycles. They also feature power sockets, easily accessible bicycle, baby stroller and wheelchair spaces, automatic air-conditioning, spacious toilet facilities, Wi-Fi, and a modern information system.

The trains provide more space for bicycles and for passengers with reduced mobility.

As the operator is also focused on micro mobility, at larger train stations and stops, the passengers have the option of renting bicycles, a bicycle shed and a bicycle parking lot. The latter is provided by SŽ-Infrastruktura and the local communities which implemented projects raise awareness of the active mobility.

With new Flirt and Kiss trains, a complete overhaul of the ticket sales system, the development of the Park and Ride network, new parking spaces for cyclists and, electric cars sharing programme, Slovenian Railways intend to ensure multiple choices for passengers, to promote a sustainable mobility and the importance of public transport to tackle the climate change.


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