Slovenia to receive financing for multiple units acquisition

Slovenia’s rail passenger operator, Slovenske železnice-Potniški promet, may receive a EUR 90 million financing from the European Investment Bank for the acquisition of new rolling stock.
The bank has under appraisal company’s project with a total value of EUR 180 million. The project involves the purchase of 20 new Electrical Multiple Units and 5 Diesel Multiple Units that will to replace part of the age-expired existing passenger fleet, primarily for use on commuter and regional railway services inside Slovenia.
This summer, the company launched the tender on the acquisition of new rolling stock. The EMU order comprises in three-car double-deck trains for national transport and 10 four-car trains for international traffic. The contract will include an option for 25 additional trains.
The new units will help improve services through better reliability as well as an increase in capacity. Furthermore, the new rolling stock is expected to promote more efficient operations, reduce maintenance costs, lower energy consumption and increase the level of comfort for passengers.

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