Škoda Vagonka selected for Latvian EMU contract

Jānis Grigulis, the CEO of Latvian rail operator, Pasazieru vilciens, announced that following a re-evaluation of train tender, Škoda Vagonka was selected to deliver 32 EMUs. The value of the contract is EUR 241.9 million and includes the delivery of spare parts and equipment, as well as personnel instruction.
The tender was launch in 2015, and Patentes Talgo, Stadler Poland, CAF and Škoda Vagonka entered in the second stage of the procurement process.
The process issues as the operator initially selected Talgo as the preferred bidder, with a EUR 225.3 million offer, but the Procurement Monitoring Bureau blocked the deal after CAF and Škoda Vagonka filed objections.
According to Grigulis, the preferred selected bidder was chanced because Pasazieru Vilciens took notice of Procurement Monitoring Bureau’s advice to take into account the electricity price of the trains. The new analysis highlighted that Skoda Vagonka’s offer was more economical. Although Talgo’s price offer was lower, the maintenance costs offered by Skoda Vagonka for the trains’ 35-year lifecycle were much lower, which meant lower overall costs. During the reassessment, the bidders were not allowed to change their offer.
If within 10 days the Commission’s decision will not be appealed, contract will be signed with Škoda Vagonka.

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