Signalling system reconstruction at Brno station completed

SŽDC, the Czech railway infrastructure manager, has completed at Brno main station the reconstruction of signalling equipment, twenty switch points, the tracks and two historical bridges.

The EUR 78.3 million project (CZK 2 billion) has received the European funding under the  Operational programme Transport 2014–2020.

Under the project, the electronic signalling equipment Category 3 was built and connected to a so-called single service workplace. Its technological equipment is situated in a new building near Platform No 6 which the station dispatcher will control traffic from. Modern safety equipment was installed also in connecting line sections.

Following the implementation of the project, Brno main station is transited by up to 620 daily trains.  

The first reconstruction launched in the South Moravian capital concerned listed bridges over Hybešova and Křídlovická Street. SŽDC started works on bridging two heavily-used road communications in the centre of Brno in summer 2018. These included both a renovation of their steel construction and their substructure including an exchange of damaged construction components. Dewatering and anti-corrosion protection was renewed as well. Total costs of both investments exceed CZK 340 million (EUR 13.3 million).

The construction of new signalling equipment at the main station included a reconstruction of tracks and switch points at the track development in direction to Horní Heršpice. In addition, works under signal box No 5 were under way, consisting in an exchange of 22 switch point works which acquired moreover electrical heating. 1. 4 km of tracks were reconstructed at the station.

The company intends to carry out other construction works at Brno station, which envisage the reconstruction of two platforms, which were in operation during the whole reconstruction works that are completed. The planned construction is expected to be carried out in 2021.

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