Signalling modernisation contract for Paris-Lyon HSR awarded

SNCF Réseau awarded Hitachi Rail STS a EUR 129.3 million contract to deploy its interlocking technology, fully compatible with ERTMS standards on the 634 km SNCF LGV + Paris-Lyon high-speed line.

Under the contract, Hitachi Rail STS will design, build and integrate the Computer-Based Interlocking equipment with France’s specific ATP, replacing 58 existing sets that have been in operation on the network since the 1980s.

The framework of the contract also includes an option worth EUR 16.6 million for additional activities, which include test and commissioning.

The Paris-Lyon HSR serves as a strategic axis within the wider European rail network. 240 trains per day operate on the existing line, moving over 44 million passengers per year, equal to a third of France’s total railway traffic. Although the line is today close to saturation during peak periods, demand for enhanced services and availability is increasing.

SNCF’s modernisation programme will provide for an additional 1 to 3 trains to operate during peak hours, while improving reliability, availability as well as traffic management.

“We are honoured to have been selected by SNCF to provide a key component for this much needed modernization program of LGV + Paris-Lyon. Upon completion, our Hitachi Rail STS interlocking technology will dramatically improve performance on one of France’s historical high-speed rail lines,” Gilles Pascault – President of Hitachi Rail STS France, said.

Hitachi’s fully compatible with ERTMS standards interface solution successfully currently operates on the high-speed lines commissioned in France to link Paris to Strasbourg, to Bordeaux and to Rennes.


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