Signalling completed on the Saint Martin Line viaduct

Line San MartínAlstom has completed the implementation of the new signalling system installed on the renovated Line San Martin Viaduct in Buenos Aires. This electronic system makes it possible to handle all signalling on the 6 kilometres of brand-new tracks separating the stations of Palermo and Villa del Parque and is responsible for the safe operation of the trains.

To provide a new signalling system for the entire new viaduct, Autopistas Urbanas S.A. (AUSA) selected Alstom to design and install the new technology. In this sense, the whole new system installed is totally suitable and compatible with the future electrification of the San Martin Line.

The scope of the work consisted of carrying out the design and development, installation, testing and commissioning of the new signalling system, maintaining the required safety levels, quality and availability for the installation of the new interlock on the 5-kilometre stretch between the Palermo and La Paternal stations.

Alstom began in 2019 with the mobilization and installation phase of equipment, and the installation of the fourth track began in 2020, with its completion scheduled for March 20. And during the quarantine the commissioning was carried out individual tests, integrated tests and validation of the installed system.

The new system features modern operating table in La Paternal, new electro-hydraulic machines for the movement of track changes, new signals with LED traffic lights and new audio frequency track circuits, Luciano Barbieri, Vice-President of Alstom Digital Mobility (ADM) for Latin America explained.

In the future the new system will improve trains’ frequency and the safety for passenger transport and for all employees of Argentinian Trains.

At the most intense moment of the installation activities, Alstom Argentina managed to employ a total of 50 workers, and from the start of the new signalling system will provide technical support that will extend for a period of 15 months.

During the project implementation, Alstom Argentina team faced different challenges such as the coronavirus pandemic, adverse weather conditions and high-altitude works, with a high risk.


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