Siemens wins signalling and electrification contract in São Paulo

São Paulo metroSiemens Mobility has been awarded two contracts by ViaMobilidade Linhas 8 e 9 to upgrade and modernise the São Paulo metro network.

Siemens Mobility will equip the Line 8 with an automated signalling system and will install new electrification and traction power systems on both Line 8 and 9. The renewal of both lines will provide for greater availability, enhanced operations, increased sustainability, and an improved passenger experience. These contracts build on the already well-established relationship Siemens Mobility has with the concessionaire and the São Paulo metropolitan transport network.

For Line 8, Siemens Mobility will be responsible for the design, supply, and implementation of an automated signalling system that includes an electronic interlocking (Westrace MKII) in the regions of Osasco, Presidente Altino and Imperatriz Leopoldina stations. Track improvements and ATS reallocation will also be carried out in Barra Funda station.

On both lines, Siemens Mobility will implement a series of improvements that will include the implementation of the complete electric system necessary for the functioning and operation of lines 8 and 9 of the São Paulo metropolitan region rail network.

The Line 8 project covers renovations of the Imperatriz Leopoldina, Osasco, Santa Terezinha and Santa Rita substations, new cabins at Barueri, Itapevi and Amador Bueno and the renovation of Presidente Altino, Osasco and Quitaúna cabins.

The 41 km Line 8 (Diamond Line) has 22 stations, crosses six municipalities in São Paulo metropolitan region and is served by a fleet of 36 trains. It is used by around 500,000 passengers a day.

On the Line 9, Siemens Mobility will be responsible for new substations of Cidade Jardim and Socorro, the renovation of Jaguaré and Morumbi substations, new cabins at Ceasa, Pinheiros, Berrini, Santo Amaro, Jurubatuba and Grajaú and the renovation of Cidade Dutra cabinet and distribution lines in 34,5kV.

The 31.8 km Line 9 (Emerald Line) has 18 stations and a fleet of 36 trains, and transports 600,000 passengers a day. Both lines are operated by ViaMobilidade Linhas 8 e 9.

ViaMobilidade is the concessionaire of the lines 8 and 9 on the São Paulo metro network under a 30-year contract signed in June 2021 which covers the maintenance and operation of the two lines and includes a BRL 3 billion (USD 637 million) investment for the modernisation of the lines, as well as the expansion of the facilities and the procurement of new rolling stock.

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