Siemens tested ETCS Level 2 without radio block center

Siemens Mobility has successfully tested the ETCS Level 2 without the need for a commercial radio block center at test track in Velim, Czech Republic. This is a big step forward to making field testing much faster and more flexible.
Trainguard system is Siemens’ ETCS solution which offers various functional configuration options in line with the various ETCS levels.
As the governing feature of ETCS Level 2, all information which is required for safe running on a certain line section is transmitted by radio from a radio block center (RBC) and displayed on the DMI. The GSM-R digital mobile radio system for railways is used for this purpose. Trainguard uses the information provided by the route elements of connected interlockings. Signals can continue to be used for mixed oper-ation or as a fall-back level, although they are no longer required for purely Level 2 operation.
Test Centre VUZ Velim is a unique testing and technological support facility with a complexity of service provided to the customers corresponds to the European standards.
The practical verification of technical parameters and running characteristics of railway rolling stock directly on the track belongs to the most effective modern testing methods. The VUZ in the Test Centre Velim operates two railway test rings, which are among the most important and the recognized test centres of railway technology and railway facilities in Europe. By its technical equipment it forms a unique compact unit to perform a number of runnig tests of rolling stock, railway equipment and transport means as well as other experiments and laboratory tests.

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