Siemens Mobility and Angel Trains launch graduate programme

Siemens Mobility and Angel Trains have joined forces to launch a graduate exchange programme, aimed at enhancing collaboration and innovation in the industry.

The programme consists of a six-week exchange between three Engineering graduates; two from Angel Trains and one from Siemens Mobility. The graduates rotated across different teams to expand their expertise and marked the end of their programme with a final presentation to key stakeholders from both organisations.

“At Siemens Mobility, we’ve seen that early career exchange programmes not only benefits the participants but also our organisation, as we work towards transforming the everyday journeys for people across Britain.  Having completed an exchange programme as part of my own early career development, I have seen first hand the benefits of collaborating with customers and partners to share skills and best practice,” Syeda Ghufran, Director for Asset Management and Assurance for Siemens Mobility said.

“Angel Trains is proud to have collaborated with Siemens Mobility through the graduate exchange programme, as we continue our commitment to the development of young engineers. The programme offers a unique opportunity for graduates to gain valuable industry insights, and most importantly, helps them develop and grow as rail professionals and individuals,” Barry Fox, Product Manager at Angel Trains added.

Designed to empower entry-level talent, the programme aims to provide professional development opportunities for young people starting out on their career in the rail industry. With skills shortages and an ageing workforce threating the future of the rail industry, the programme is dedicated to preserving knowledge across the sector, ensuring a sustainable future for the industry as a whole. The Siemens Mobility early careers intake currently consists of 113 graduate trainees, 130 apprentices and 72-degree apprentices.

Siemens Mobility has also been recently recognised as the 2024 winner of the Young Rail Professional’s Employer of the Year Award. The business also runs numerous early career programmes and talent development initiatives to support their employees and encourage young people to join the industry such as their Apprenticeship Insight Evenings, Military to Rail program, Entry Level Talent program and the Career Foundation Programme, setting a precedent for the rest of the industry.

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