Siemens completes Brightline’s first trainset

Go Bright Line train ready to leave Seimens Mobility Elk Grove CA USAThe first Siemens-built Brightline trainset is complete and has left the company’s manufacturing hub in Sacramento, California. The train comprises in two locomotives and four coaches.
The first trainset is approximately 149 meters-long and is being transported across the USA via rail, journeying almost 5000 km from Sacramento to Florida. Construction on the first car shell began in July 2015. Four additional trainsets for Brightline’s first phase are being built at Siemens. Brightline expects delivery of these additional trainsets in four additional bright hues: pink, red, orange and green by the end of March.
Brightline’s trains are built as integrated trainsets, comprised of two diesel-electric locomotives and four high quality stainless steel coaches. These clean diesel-electric locomotives will meet the highest emissions standards set by the federal government. The integration improves ride quality and makes for a much quieter ride. There is a bright yellow locomotive on each end, for high reliability and redundancy.
This first train will begin testing in Palm Beach County in early 2017.
All Aboard Florida is building Brightline and dynamic mobility-centric urban centers in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Currently, the stations in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach are 70 percent complete and are undergoing interior work including HVAC, plumbing and other outfittings. At MiamiCentral, the installation of the Florida I-Beams (FIBS) for the elevated track is nearing completion.

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