Siemens Charger locomotives for San Diego County

The Transport Agency for North County Transit District (NCTD), in North San Diego County, approved the acquisition of five new Siemens Charger locomotives. The acquisition is estimated at USD 37 million. NCTD anticipates delivery of the first vehicle in March of 2021, and the last vehicle in June of 2021. It is estimated that vehicles will be put in-service three to six months after the delivery of each vehicle.
The new locomotives will allow NCTD to improve operational efficiency while contributing to local and state sustainability and air quality goals, with an estimated 90% reduction in emissions, compared to the existing engines, and 16% reduction in fuel consumption.
The approval enables NCTD to purchase the diesel-electric Siemens Charger locomotives as part of a multi-state procurement with the California and Illinois Departments of Transportation. This joint agreement saves money for the District due to lowered procurement costs. Additionally, the size of the procurement aids in the future acquisition of needed parts for continued operations as the same type of vehicle has already been purchased in multiple states.
The new locomotives will serve Coaster commuter rail service in the central and northern coastal regions of San Diego County. Once the locomotives are received, NCTD is slated to add 36 additional Coaster trips each week to the current schedule, with six on each weekday, three on Saturday, and three on Sunday.

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