Shift2Rail grants awarded

Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking (S2R JU) announced that 17 grants will be awarded for a total value of the actions of EUR 110.9 million, co – financed by S2R up to EUR 60.1 million. “Together with a professional team of independent experts, we worked to ensure a timely and effective evaluation procedure, to have the new projects starting not later than 1 September,” Carlo Borghini, Executive Director of the S2R JU said.
The 27 S2R JU Members, other than the European Union, submitted project proposals to all 7 call topics, for a total actions’ value of EUR 91.4 million which will be co –funded by S2R up to EUR 40.6 million.
The other 10 “Open Call” topics, received 53 proposals with a request of co – funding totaling EUR 95.9 million. Taking into consideration the budget available, 10 proposals were selected for funding for a total amount of EUR 19.5 million.
A total of 509 participants applied to the different topics available, of which around 25% are SMEs, 36% for the Open Calls only.
“I am confident that the selected projects will contribute to the overall objectives of the S2R JU programme offering innovative market-driven solutions to improve railways in Europe,” Henrik Hololei, Director –General for Mobility and Transport at the European Commission said.
Shift2Rail will contribute to the paradigm for the modal shift to attract users to rail. For EU passengers, this represents more travel options, more comfort and improved punctuality. For freight forwarder/shippers, rail freight will offer a more cost-effective, punctual and traceable shipment option.
Shift2Rail achievements involve a 50% reduction of life-cycle costs of the railway transport system, a 100% increase in transport capacity and a 50% increase in reliability and punctuality.

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