SBB signs partnership for a new mobility platform

SBB and Axon Vibe have signed a five-year agreement to develop and market the world’s leading personalised and inter-modal mobility app.
Rail travel is expected to become even more attractive, safer and more punctual in the future. Digital platforms and the simplification of services will become increasingly important. The past 10 years have been marked by rapid developments in this area. In this partnership, SBB intends to make a significant contribution to advancing developments on the digital level.
In the future, travelers will be able to plan and book a wide range of mobility services via a single, intermodal platform. Different mobility options such as car, bicycle, tram, train or e-scooter will merge with each other. They will be able to be combined and booked easily and according to the individual needs of travellers. Mobility will become more efficient and easier to plan. Personalised travel recommendations in real-time comparable to car navigation systems will facilitate the optimal design of personal mobility.

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