SBB marks the 100,000th train travelling through Gotthard tunnel

On March 5, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) celebrated the 100,000th train passing through the Gotthard Base Tunnel since its opening in June 2016. The milestone was reached by an SBB Cargo International train transporting products for Hupac. On a weekday, the tunnel is crossed by 130-160 trains,
of which about two-thirds are freight trains and one-third passenger trains.
59% is the share of freight trains which travelled in 2018 through Gotthard Base Tunnel, with more than 120 trains on peak days. Almost 83% of the share is attributable to SBB Cargo and SBB Cargo International
The maximum train load set for the Gotthard Base Tunnel is up to 1700 tonnes on north-south with only one four-axle locomotive and up to 1400 tonnes south-north.
The railway traffic through Gotthard Base Tunnel will be increased by the end of 2020 with the commissioning of Ceneri Base Tunnel and the 4-metre corridor, which will ensure significantly more competitive and efficient transport services on the north-south axis.
The 57-km Gotthard Base Tunnel running on two parallel tunnel tubes is the longest railway tunnel in the world and represents the centrepiece of the New Rail Link through the Alps (NRLA). It embodies Swiss values such as innovation, precision and reliability. The tunnel provides a quicker, more reliable link between north and south for both people and goods.

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