São Paulo Metro revokes Line 4 construction contract

Sao Paulo-Line 4_Plataforma_da_Estação_Faria_LimaSão Paulo Governor Geraldo Alckmin has confirmed that contracts with the Isolux Corsan-Corviam consortium for the construction of new stations as part of the Line 4 extension of the Metro have been revoked. Five years after the projected completion date, the works remain a long way from completion and are already well over budget. A new contract tender to complete the works will open in the coming days to, according to the city government.
The Metro have stated that the decision was made because the company has failed to meet deadlines in accordance with the contract, abandoned works, failed to meet quality and safety standards and failed to pay subcontractors and suppliers.
The line, which at present operates seven stations, is one of the main arteries of the network, linking with the north-south and east-west lines.

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