RZD withdraws from infrastructure projects in Iran

Russian Railways announced it has ceased implementing any activities related to the implementation of infrastructure projects in Iran, of which the Iranian side was notified accordingly.

Following this decision, RZD International will stop working  on the Garmsar – Inche Bourun project and company’s office in Tehran is now going through closing procedures.

RZD and Iranian Railways signed a EUR 1.2 billion contract which included the electrification of the line and the delivery of electric locomotives.

In 2018, RZD has launched Garmsar – Inche Bourun electrification works which were expected to be completed within more than 4 years. The project envisaged the electrification of 495 km line, including 203 km existing in mountainous terrain. The line has 31 stations and passes through 95 tunnels.

Russian Railways says that RZD International exit from the project “shall not affect the partnership between Russian Railways and Iranian Railways, which is carried out primarily in the field of international logistics including the development of International North South Transport Corridor.”


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