RZD to invest around EUR 2 billion in digital services by 2025

This was announced by Russian Railways (RZD) President, Oleg Belozerov, and according to him, the company will need scientific and technical support to complete plans of fully implementing modern information services.
Russian Railways believes digitalisation is a key solution for development.
“The amount we wish to invest in developing digitalisation by 2025 is around RUB 150 billion (EUR 2 billion)”, explained Oleg Belozerov.
Thus, new investments will make the share of railway freight transport that can be booked electronically to increase to 75%, while the share of travel tickets to be bought online by passengers for long-distance trains will increase to 70%.
Of the projects already implemented in digitalisation, the RZD President mentioned the electronic market for freight transport (State Owned Electronic Trading Platform), where more than 3.200 participants are registered.
In the railway passenger transport sector, RZD implements the “Innovative Mobility” project which means combining various electronic passenger services, such as planning and supporting door-to-door journeys, booking and purchasing all types of tickets for organising multi-modal journeys, as well as other additional services.
RZD President believes that this project will enable the Russian operator to offer the possibility of processing a single travel document in the future when the legislation will sustain it.

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