RZD orders additional EMUs

Class EP3D EMUsRussian Railways and Transmashholding signed a contract for the supply of eight Class EP3D EMUs manufactured at TMH Demikhovo Machine Building Plant (DMZ), under the contract signed in April 2021. The Russian rolling stock manufacturer will supply 4 six–car and 4 four–car electric trains in the 2th and 3th quarter of this year.

The EMUs feature modern exterior and a set of solutions for improving passenger comfort and safety. The EP3D train distinguishes a modern exterior by a smooth body and an upgraded frontal part of the head cars. Six-seater sofas made of wear-resistant materials are placed in salons. The head cars are equipped with environmentally friendly toilet complexes.

Modern technical solutions in the area of comfort and safety were used in the train design. EP3D includes microclimate systems being equipped with air disinfection function that causes harmful microorganisms to neutralise by impacting ultraviolet radiation.

According to Russian Railways’ requirements, the trains will also carry retractable footboards. They will automatically retract when the doors open on low platforms to help passengers get in and out.

Accessibility features of the trains include wheelchair lifts for low platforms and wheelchair areas with braces.

The trains will be equipped with modern passenger information systems and all information plaques are doubled in Braille.

In 2019, RZD and Roslokomotiv, part of Transmashholding signed a contract for 14 Class EP3D EMUs comprising a total car fleet of 60 units. The contract covered the delivery of 8 new EMUs manufactured by Demikhovsky Machine-Building Plant. Seven trains will be configured with four cars each and one train will have six cars.

The EP3D train is a completely Russian train consisting of more than 90 per cent of domestic components.

Class EP3D fully complies with Technical Regulations of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, and Armenia.

TMH Demikhovo Plant produces EP3D EMUs since 2016. To date, 266 cars were made, of which over 90 per cen were shipped to Russian Railways. Aside Yugo–Vostochnaya and Zabaikalskaya, Class EP3D service the lines of Severo – Kavsazskaya, Dalnevostochnaya, Privolzhskaya, Krasnoyarskaya, and Gorkovskaya Railways, as well as railways of Kazakhstan.


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