RZD invested USD 1.5 billion for locomotive procurement

TMH locomotives

Russian Railways invested over RUB 98 billion (USD 1.55 billion) for the procurement of 738 locomotives in 2019.

In total, 392 electric locomotives were purchased, which includes 35 passenger locomotives (4 EP1 locomotives, 25 EP2K locomotives and 6 EP20 vehicles) manufactured by Transmashholding. 345 freight electric locomotives were acquired of which 155 2ES6 series, 7 – 2ES10 series, 10 of 3ES4K model, 84 – 2ES5K series, 95 – 3ES5K locomotives, 4 of 4ES5K series, and two 2ES7 locomotives. They are manufactured by Transmashholding and Ural Locomotives.

In 2019, 346 diesel locomotives were purchased, of which 19 TEP70 passenger locomotives, manufactured by Kolomensky Zavod, part of Transmashholding. The fleet of freight locomotives comprised 92 two-section units of 2TE25KM series and 12 new 3TE25K2M three-section locomotives especially designed for operation on the Baikal-Amur Mainline. These two types of locomotives were also manufactured by Transmashholding.

Russian Railways has also acquired shunting locomotives. RZD ordered 5 TEM31M diesel shunting locomotives which will be used for operations and activities at depots. The vehicles are manufactured by YaERZ, which has already started the deliveries.

200 TEM18DM six-axle DC locomotives were also ordered from Transmashholding which will perform freight, shunting and light main-line operations. 11 such locomotives will operate on standard-gauge railway lines, used at the borders of the Far Eastern, Transbaikal and Kaliningrad regions. 18 locomotives of TEM14 series were also purchased. They are manufactured at Lyudinovsky Locomotive Plant, part of Sinara Transport Machines.

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