Russia plans its own Hyperloop high speed project

Hyperloop-RZD_en1-hyperloop-only-teleportation-is-faster_03“Russia is technologically ready to launch such large-scale projects as Elon Musk’s Hyperloop,” Russian minister of transport Maxim Sokolov said earlier this month. As reported by Russian business daily RBC, this Hyperloop-like transport system would link the western and eastern ends as well as the northern and southern ends of the country — the largest in the world.
The first section of the transport system could link Moscow to St. Petersburg — a distance of nearly 650 kilometers, — according to Anatolyi Zaitsev, the head of Center for the development of passenger rail transport.
„According to western price standards, implementing such a project would cost USD 21 billion, while in Russia the cost would not exceed USD 12-13 billion,” RBC quoted Zaitsev as saying.
Russian Railways is considering cooperation with Hyperloop One, one of the two US companies developing such projects.
Russian Railways and Hyperloop One have created a working group to study the concept, Russian business daily Vedomosti has learned from Caspian VC, a Russian venture fund which owns a stake in Hyperloop One.  Formed a few months ago, the working group is waiting for the results of the recent testing of high-speed Hyperloop trains.

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