Russia: drop in rail car production in QI

01_rusiaIn the first quarter of the year, production at nearly all the freight car manufacturers dropped: Altaivagon produced 500 cars (-61%, by comparison with Q1 2014), Ruzkhimmash – 181 cars (-89%), Novokuznetsk Car-Building Plant – 330 cars (-36%). Some plants, such as Armavir Plant, even had to shutdown production.
In the same period, Uralvagonzavod lost its first place on the Russian freight car manufacturing market to Tikhvin Car-Building Plant (TVSZ), according to the “Kommersant”. TVSZ manufactured 2,700 cars (an increase by comparison with Q1 2014) in January-March, while UVZ produced only 920. Bryansk Mechanical Works also showed an increase to 650 cars (+23%).

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