Rotterdam: approval for Port Railway Line to be rerouted

Sharon Dijksma, the State Secretary for Infrastructure and Environment, has approved the Theemsweg Route decision to alter the course of the Port Railway Line in the Port of Rotterdam. Rerouting the line via the Theemsweg means that rail traffic will no longer travel across the Calandbrug and will no longer be held up when the bridge is raised for shipping.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority and ProRail will reroute the line over a section of around 4.5 km. The new Theemsweg Route will be completed in 2021, when the Calandbrug reaches the end of its technical service life. This alteration represents a response to the expected capacity bottleneck due to an increase in rail and shipping traffic.

A number of amendments of the draft have been incorporated in the Theemsweg Route decision. The two most important changes are design optimisations concerning the raised edge along the entire length of the concrete structure standing on pillars. The inner side of this edge will now be made to a sound-absorbing design. Furthermore, the height of this raised edge has been increased from 1.40 to 1.70 metres above the surface of the track. Both measures will help reduce noise levels in the vicinity of the line.


Source: Port of Rotterdam

Photo: Port of Rotterdam

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