Romania: rail transport coordination assigned to five secretaries of state

On 31 August, Romanian Minister of Transport, Razvan Cuc, decided to assign the division and coordination of the Romanian rail transport system to five secretaries of state.

Thus, the coordination of the Romanian Railway Authority’s activities (AFER) and of the national rail infrastructure manager, CFR SA, is from now on assigned to secretary of state, Mircea Florin Biban, appointed recently, on 10 August.

Ninel Cercel, also named secretary of state for Transport on 10 August, will coordinate the activity of the national rail transport operators, CFR Calatori, and CFR Marfa respectively.

In the attributions of secretary of state Dragos Titea will only remain the coordination and supervision of the metro operator’s activity (Metrorex).

The following secretary of state on the list, Maria Magdalena Grigore, will coordinate the department of European funds within the ministry.

The coordination and supervision of the Railway Reform Authority (ARF) activities remain in the attribution of Marian Paun, President of the authority and secretary of state.

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