Romania: Metrorex to introduce new types of travel cards, including the annual pass

Starting with 15 October, Metrorex (Bucharest metro transport operator) will introduce new metro travel cards. Thus, the new types of travel cards available for passengers are the one-journey travel card at a cost of RON 2.5 (EUR 0.45), the annual pass – RON 720 (EUR 157), the group card for 3 persons – RON 5 (EUR 1.09), the group card for 4 persons – RON 6.5 (EUR 1.31) and the group card for 5 persons – RON 8 (EUR 1.74).

Metrorex wishes to inform that the new travel cards were created to support the passengers who use metro transport daily, as well as occasionally.

The annual pass wishes to secure the loyalty of day-to-day passengers for more than one month and provides the advantage of reduced monthly costs compared to those generated from the procurement of several monthly passes. By comparing the annual costs of the two types of passes, passengers choosing to invest in the annual pass benefit from a month and a half of “free” metro rides.

One the other hand, the group cards (for 3, 4 or 5 persons) are aimed to meet groups’ needs (both loyal passengers and tourists) with cheaper rides compared to the already existing travel cards.

According to the company, the current tariffs will remain unchanged.

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