Romania: Metrorex inaugurated two new metro stations

Străuleşti and Laminorului are the two stations that Metrorex, the Bucharest underground transport operator, has put in commercial service on March 31st.
The two new metro stations are part of the Parc Bazilescu – Străuleşti section of Line 4 of Bucharest Metro.
Thus, starting March 31st, residents will be able to use this new metro section in the north-west of Bucharest.

Laminorului – Străuleşti section has a length of 2.1 km. The investment project has two components: the first included the extension of the network with the two inaugurated stations Străuleşti and Laminorului and the second, building a metro depot and an intermodal terminal park & ride station at Străuleşti.

The total, updated, value of the project is RON 1.115 million (EUR 245 million).

”Today we officially opened Laminorului  and Străuleşti metro stations, the two stations that were missing from the completion of Bucharest Metro Line 4. This is a project long awaited by the residents and the entire section will serve 50,000 passengers per hour”, Romanian Transport Minister, Răzvan Cuc, said on the inauguration of the two metro stations.

”The commissioning of Bucharest Metro Line 4 facilitates the connection between Bucharest  District 1, Bucureștii Noi area, Parc Bazilescu (PS Zarea) – Străuleşti area and the city center. On this section we will operate IVA trainsets, every 8 minutes”, Marin Aldea, Metrorex General Manager, said.



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