Romania launches tender for EMU procurement

The Romanian Railway Reform Authority (RRA) has published the tender for the procurement of 20 EMUs and maintenance services for 15 years, with an option for 20 additional trainsets and the extension of the maintenance period by further 15 years. The bids must be submitted until June 3, 2020.

“The doubling the trains’ quantity from 20 to 40 EMUs and the needed maintenance services for 15 years will be assigned without tendering process. It will be awarded under an additional contract,” RRA says.

EUR 271.55 million (RON 1.3 billion) is the estimated value for the firm order (20 EMUs), and EUR 768.7 million (RON 3.7 billion) is the value for all the 40 EMUs, including the provisioning of maintenance services for a total period of 30 years.

Each coach will be 40% low-floor and will have more than 300 seats. They will be designed for passengers with reduced mobility, according to the PRM TSI.

The project is funded under the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme 2014-2020, being co-financed by the state budget.

The new EMUs should be delivered within 31 months. The duration of the contract is 210 months (17.5 years).

The assessment will be made under two main criteria: 65% involves the cost based on life-cycle cost analysis, while 35% envisages the quality criterion.

The new EMUs will be purchased and provided to the passenger railway operators through an additional document signed under the public service obligations (PSOs).

When enter services, the new EMUs will replace the existing rolling stock which has already exceeded its life cycle and will increase the quality and the capacity of the railway transport.




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