ROMANIA EUROEST launches the first Plug-In Hybrid locomotive manufactured in Romania

ROMANIA EUROEST has developed, within a research program, the Hybrid Locomotive (LHy-M), produced entirely in Romania.
The company announces that this new project was carried out with the support and participation of its collaborators such as INDA Craiova, RESITA Reducers & Renewables, INTEGRAL Consulting R & D, Tehnoind Electric Craiova, Knorr Bremse Romania, Endress Group Romania and Atlas Copco Airpower.
The event for the launching of the new locomotive will take place on February 22, at CFR Calatori – Constanta rail station (- line 1 – platform 1), starting at 10:30.
The LHy-M locomotive design is a premiere through the technical concept, competitive advantages and exploitation potential, such as 70% reduction in pollutant emissions, 30-60% reduction of specific consumption, reduced maintenance by 15%, achieved by transforming old Diesel hydraulic locomotives. The company says that 10,298 diesel locomotives with a lifespan of more than 36 years need to be replaced in Europe by 2025 due to pollution.
About 4 years ago, ROMANIA EUROEST developed the first electric locomotive with accumulators (LEA) in Romania, on the platform of Arcelormittal Galati steel plant.
Since then, the company has produced and put into operation, for the same beneficiary, another eight electric locomotives with accumulators.

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