Romania: Astra Trans Carpatic operates two new transport routes

The public services contract, for December 2017 – December 2019, was concluded between the Romanian Railway Reform Authority and Astra Trans Carpatic, a Romanian private rail passenger transport operator. Thus, Astra Trans Carpatic will operate InterRegio trains on Bucharest – Craiova and Bucharest – Brasov routes.

The level of state budget compensation as payment for public services and for covering the difference between the level of costs and that of the revenues coming from the approved tariffs will be of RON 17.5 million, in 2018, while in 2019, the compensation will be of RON 25.22 million.

Estimated transport costs for 2018 amount to RON 26.2 million, and those for 2019 amount to RON 37.77 million (for InterRegio trains to be placed into operation by Astra Trans Carpatic).

According to the minimum social package and tariff policy, estimated revenues for 2018 amounted to RON 9.43 million and to RON 13.58 million for 2019.

Apart from rolling stock procurement, the priority projects carried out by Astra Trans Carpatic includes the development programme of the electronic system for the release and management of travel cards, as well as the procurement of modern ticket sale systems.

We recall that as of March-April 2018, Astra Trans Carpatic will also provide return passenger transport services on the routes: Bucharest – Titu, Arad – Timisoara, Timisoara – Baia Mare, Bucharest – Bacau, Bucharest – Constanta.

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