Rhythm Engineering to modernize Kansas City tram traffic signal

05-kansas-streetcarRhythm Engineering, LLC won the contract for the upgrade of the traffic signal control system to be installed along the Kansas City tram corridor in mid-2015. The Kansas City tram project is a two-mile line that runs through downtown Kansas City, largely on Main Street, and connects River Market on the north to Crown Center and Union Station on the south.
Traffic signal synchronization is crucial for alleviating any potential traffic congestion that may arise. Rhythm Engineering offers the perfect solution, using its newly developed adaptive technology, In|Sync, which integrates signal timing, traffic volumes, and computerized real-time tracking. The system, once installed, will control 21 signals along the tram corridor.
“We are honored to have this opportunity to make a difference in our own home community. Kansas City has proven that it is very serious in its intention to become a truly “smart” city and we are glad to be part of the initiative,” Reggie Chandra, PE, CEO of Rhythm Engineering, said.

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