“+ Renfe & Tú” contactless card started service on Cercanías de Cádiz network

Renfe launches the “+ Renfe & Tú” contactless card in the Cercanías of Cadiz, a new support for transport titles that allows faster and more efficient access to the train, as there is a higher speed of validation to enter or get off the platform. In addition, it offers greater reliability and comfort for the traveler, since it is a rechargeable card that can be replenished in case of loss.

The new “+ Renfe & Tú” contactless card will progressively replace the existing paper carrier media, the magnetic strip, which will no longer be operational by the end of June.

Renfe offers a launch promotion to acquire the new “+ Renfe & Tú” card in its personalized mode. Users who request it before April 30 will be able to purchase it without cost and, from this date, its price will be two euros.

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