RENFE submits EUR 55 million worth projects within CEF financing programme

RENFE-Mercancias_dsc_7091The CEF call corresponding to 2016 was published in October 2016, and on February 7, is the deadline for submitting projects. The allocation for the whole of Europe is EUR 840 million, of which seventy and eighty million items, respectively, stand out to subsidize ERTMS projects and the deployment of new technologies.

In 2016, Renfe obtained a pre-allocation of almost EUR 28 million of direct subsidy for the updating and implementation of its fleet with the ERTMS system, which will be expected to be received as planned tasks are carried out.

Renfe has selected four projects that have been submitted to the Ministry of Public Works for validation and subsequent submission to CEF 2016 calls. These are:

– Implementation of ERTMS. The objective is to continue with the implementation of the European safety system in the Renfe fleet, with the installation and commissioning of the ERTMS in trains currently running without it. Within the project, which has a budget of EUR 45.6 million, the Sociedades de Viajeros y de Fabricación y Mantenimiento (as coordinator) participates, as well as several corporate support bodies.

– New solution of traction to the commercial field of the services of travelers and merchandise in Spain and in the rest of Europe. LNG traction (liquefied natural gas) in railway operation. The project involves Renfe – the General Directorate of Operations – Enagás, Gas Natural Fenosa, Bureau Veritas, and has a budget of EUR 4.2 million.

– Hydrogen production and supply infrastructure study, associated with the introduction of emission-free mobility solutions, based on railway units with fuel cell traction systems. In addition to Renfe, Enagás, Bureau Veritas, Alstom and Audigna participate. It is also coordinated by the General Operations Department of the Group, and has a total budget of EUR 2.8 million.

– Simplification of Processes for a Logistic Enhancement is a project aimed at increasing the reliability and efficiency of multimodal freight services (time, quality and cost) by integrating logistics activities using new technologies (based on ITS, Intelligent Transport Systems). The project has the participation of Renfe Mercancías, Adif and Puertos del Estado (State Ports). The estimated maximum budget is EUR 2 million.

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