Renfe receives a EUR 800 million grant for train procurement

The European Investment Bank has approved a EUR 800 million grant for Renfe rolling stock renewal programme.
The project consists of the procurement of 211 electric trains with high capacity to replace ageing rolling stock in Madrid suburban rail services. EUR 2.52 billion is the value of the project.
Earlier this year, Renfe board approved the tender for the acquisition of 211 EMUs for Cercanías suburban services. 176 will be 100-m-long with a capacity of 900 passengers, while 35 trains will have a length of 200 meters. The contract would include an option for 120 additional trainsets, with 24 200-m-long trains and 96 100m-long trains.
A tender for 105 trains was approved by Renfe in May, with an estimated value of EUR 751 million, and, including the option for additional trains, the total value reaches EUR 1.32 billion. maintenance services for 15 years will be included in the contract.
In addition, in April, the EIB announced the appraisal of Renfe’s train procurement totaling EUR 201 million. With a EUR 100 million proposed EIB funding, the project envisages the acquisition of 31 trains, of which 26 are EMUs and 5 are hybrid trainsets. They will replace the opertor’s ageing rolling stock in metric gauge rail network of Asturias, Cantabria and Vizcaya.
The Spanish operator intends to replace its existing rolling stock, of which 50% is approaching the expiry date. By procuring the new trains, Renfe will also increase its capacity on the suburban network.

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