Region Occitanie to receive EIB funding for train procurement

The European Investment Bank is evaluating a possible EUR 65 million loan for train procurement in Region Occitanie.
The total cost of the evaluated project is EUR 130 million and envisages the acquisition of Regiolis trains.
In March, Alstom announced that it will supply 13 additional Coradia Polyvalent trains to the French region of Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerrané, totalling EUR 80 million.
In July, the region ordered 5 four-car Coradia Polyvalent trains at a cost of EUR 30 million.
Since 2014, the region ordered 33 Coradia Polyvalent for Régiolis, brings its order up to 46 trains, representing a global investment of more than EUR 330 million.
The first Coradia Polyvalent trains for Occitanie entered commercial service in May 2014 on the lines linking Toulouse to Latour-de-Carol and Mazamet.

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