RegioJet and Westbahn enter cooperation

RegioJet and Westbahn will be partners on the operations of RegioJet trains connecting Vienna, Brno and Prague 4 times a day in each direction.
Under the agreement, Westbahn be technically responsible for operations of the trains on the Austrian territory, on the route between the Czech border station Břeclav and Vienna Main Station.
Business and customer service responsibilities will remain RegioJet´s competence for the whole journey from Prague to Vienna.
On the Austrian part of the route, RegioJet trains have so far been technically operated by Graz based GKB company (Graz-Köflacher Bahn). The corresponding contract will terminate when the present timetable ends on December 14, 2019. The co-operation with GKB has contributed to the general success of RegioJet trains on the Prague – Vienna route.
RegioJet has developed co-operation in other areas, such as sales, with Westbahn. Starting December, Westbahn will also take over the responsibility for operating the RegioJet trains on the Austrian territory, meaning that WESTbahn lok-drivers and zug-chefs will be responsible for all traffic obligations on the Austrian railway network.
Westbahn and RegioJet also cooperate in other areas. Both carriers share a joint ticket shop at Vienna Main Station and via its distribution channels RegioJet also sells tickets for Westbahn trains as connecting train services to RegioJet trains and buses at Vienna Main station.
RegioJet trains started connecting Vienna and Prague in December 2017. They run 4 times a day in each direction offering services in 4 classes, including free coffee, free Wi-Fi and individual touch screen in each of the seats. Different to other operators on the Prague – Vienna line, RegioJet operates its trains without any subsidies and with profit.
RegioJet trains have reached massive customer popularity on the Prague – Vienna route with an average occupancy over 80 %. The operator also reported profit in 2018 reaching approximately EUR 4 million and transporting almost 10 million passengers on all train lines in Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
In 2019, RegioJet expects further profit growth in the level of millions of Euro and growth of passenger numbers by 10 – 15 %.

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