RCG and Pasifik Eurasia develop the New Silk Road

railway freight transportÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) and Pasifik Eurasia have formed a new partnership to develop the railway freight transport on the Eurasian continent. The partnership will strengthen the connection between Europe and Asia via the Terminal Köseköy, which is a vital link for transport to and from Turkey as well as on into the CIS countries and China.

As part of the partnership, Pasifik Eurasia  will forward goods from Asia to Köseköy, from where ÖBB RCG will carry them to the West of Europe. In turn, the ÖBB RCG will also be transporting goods from the Western Europe to Köseköy, where Pasifik Eurasia  will pick up the baton and transport them to Azerbaijan, Kazakstan and Uzbekistan and on into China. In this way, the two companies are strengthening supply chains across the Eurasian continent via sustainable rail transport and bringing us closer to reaching global climate targets.

Pasifik Eurasia, the official forwarder of the Turkish State Railways TCDD, and ÖBB RCG are gradually expanding their international scope in Europe and on the land bridge to Asia to develop the railway freight transport for the benefit of customers. The New Silk Road has therefore been one of the ÖBB RCG’s focal points for several years. The ÖBB RCG set a new record in 2020, having transported around 70,000 TEU in over 700 trains along this route. With its connections to the New Silk Road, the ÖBB RCG’s dense, high-performance network in Europe guarantees fast, efficient and eco-friendly transport services and onward distribution throughout Asia . The first services to China along the New Silk Road were officially launched in 2017 and the company has been expanding its range of services considerably ever since

Pasifik Eurasia is a member of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route Middle Corridor Union and is committed to developing the potential of transport services to and from Turkey into the CIS countries and China along the New Silk Road.

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